Thursday, November 13, 2008

Training Log; 10x30 sec manual holds

Yet another partner exercise, done alone. It might serve me well to make a friend who'd do these workouts with me!

Warmup was an hour of racquetball, during which I lost all 3 doubles games I played. At least this week was better than last week, and I could actually contribute a few points (and not make all the errors). Then it was the fun stuff!
  • Lunge right, then left: I lasted at least 2 minutes on both without having to take weight off, and I was able to actually pop up after each 30-second interval. I know not having someone push me while I was working helped me have strength to push up. I tried to work like I was pushing against someone, but it's not quite the same as having someone there.
  • Glute ham raise: I wish I could have been paying attention to the people around me, since I was pretty much in the middle of the floor of the Y during peak time. If I were them, I'd have been wondering what I was doing!
  • Wall squat: This was the best--I lasted the entire 5 minutes without falling! I never hit the floor, barely even went down until the last interval, and I popped up and quickly back down for each interval. My legs were tired after, though!
  • Push up: I did this on my knees, and like the lunges, I could actually push up some every time. I was really trying to focus on just pushing up immediately, not shrugging my shoulders or anything. I didn't get all the way up every time, but I at least moved each time.
  • Curl: 30-lb bar. Until I practice the altitude drop curl, I'm not brave enough to try it with so many people around. Plus I'm sure I'd need a lighter bar, but I can't do this one with a lighter bar because I don't have anyone to push against. The encouraging this is that I could lift the bar to put it away. Actually, I just made myself do it.
  • Crate crunch: Another fun one!
I really wanted to ride outside today, since I was working from home, but I also wanted to play racquetball and so was torn. I ended up not riding but finishing what I needed to for today for work, so it ended up being OK. Next week I'll be back to running consistently (3 days/week). My legs have been happy to have a slight break after last weekend's race and run after.

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