Monday, November 3, 2008

Training Log; 5 on 5 off thru 40

Success! That's the title I'd give this post if I didn't want to know up front that it was a training log. Will's gone to play hockey, which means that I have to do all these on my own for now. Sad days. I was getting rather used to working out early mornings, and might just have to keep that schedule if today was any indication how successful I'd be getting through everything in the afternoon.

It didn't take long to learn that the last thing I feel like doing when I finish these workouts is going out and running or riding, so I ran first. 10-20 min warm up, 3x1600meter at 7:02 on 1 min rest interval, 10-20 min cool down. Last week, I made the mistake of running my warm up mileage (1.5 miles) at 7:20 or less pace, which left me half drained for the remaining sprints (I call them sprints, but perhaps they're less so if I want to be running a 3:40 or under marathon).
  • Warm up: 13:22 (around 9 min/mi pace)
  • Mile 1: 7:08. Since I didn't have my GPS, I didn't really know what speed I was running. As I was going, I was thinking I wasn't going that fast. It felt more like 7:30 pace or so, but since I was under that, I was happy. Of course, then I wondered if I could have gone faster had I actually ran what felt like a fast pace.
  • Mile 2: 7:08. Yep, same exact time, but I had to push on the last lap to reach it. I don't know what I was thinking besides that I thought I was worn out and wasn't even going to get close. When I looked at my watch at the half-way point, I knew I could and so pushed. I don't know why I didn't push the whole way. I probably would have been in under 7.
  • Mile 3: 7:02! I couldn't believe I made it, especially for the last mile. I had a girl ahead of me on the track who I was not so much trying to catch as trying to maintain or narrow the distance between, and that definitely helped motivate me and push harder. The only other time in the past that I've done a sub-7 was the second mile of a two-mile all out run, and it was an all-downhill mile (I think my finish time there was 13:57 or something ridiculously close to 14 minutes, and my first mile was 7 and change; I really should check the log to see for real what it was).
  • Cool down:
I think it worked really well to set my watch at 7:05 and then try to beat it. That gave me targets at the half-way point (3:25-3:35) and the almost three-quarters point (2:24 or so). If I hit those, I knew I'd make it. I had to make up almost 10 seconds on the last lap+ of the second mile, but I did it since I knew I could make the mile time I wanted.

Then on to the isos. I really wanted to get through everything, but time is such a constraint. I also chose the ones I knew I would need equipment for, since I thought that if I had time I could finish them at home. I should have done lunge on crates, one-leg squat, standing extreme hamstring, glute ham raise, wall squat, push up, curl, scapular pull up, dip, and crate crunch. Hah!
  • One-leg squat: This one is just weird. I always feel like I'm doing it wrong, except that last week when I did it I did it more right than I had been, I guess. It's supposed to tell you what's wrong with your regular lunge, because it cuts off the back half. Today I felt like it was a waste of time, but I did it. Forty seconds seems so short compared to 7 minutes!
  • Glute ham raise: When I really focus on using my glutes, that feels so much more effective. Don't use your back!
  • Push up: Again, 40 seconds seemed so short! Oh the mind is a funny thing. I was really trying to keep my elbows out. Someday I'll get these all down and won't have to think about doing them correctly because it will just come naturally.
  • Dip: I wish I would have done this one before the push up since it felt like the same muscles. But I did it nonetheless (I'm sure I took more than 5 seconds between intervals, though, especially because someone was trying to talk to me in the middle of a few).
I did not even make it half-way through all the exercises, and I'm taking tomorrow off. I guess I'll finish the rest on Saturday or Sunday. Ugh.

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