Sunday, November 9, 2008

Training Log; 10x10 sec manual holds

Partner exercises are much more fun with a partner than alone, but since my one training partner is off playing hockey somewhere and the other is too distracting (we try to focus, and we do all the exercises, but we always end up talking more than counting and thus would not have done 10x10 seconds), I had to do today's partner exercises/manual holds alone. Not much to comment on any of them, except 1) I did two sets of everything and really tried not to lean on the lunges (the manual hold was the one I had the absolute worst time on last time), especially the left leg lunge; 2) I couldn't do the altitude drop curl because I didn't have a bar with a good weight for both the drop and the hold, so I did a curl with 10-lb weights; and 3) the workout room here is definitely the best place for the glute ham (although I've found an OK but not ideal place at the Brentwood Y):
  • Lunge right
  • Lunge left
  • Glute hamstring
  • Wall squat
  • Curl
  • Scapular pull up
  • Crate crunch
I also decided not to ride today. I was hoping that it was going to warm up (which it never did), but I ended up watching the football game with the family. Plus I'd already ridden on the trainer at least twice this week, had enough for a few days, and finished my movie. I'm going to have to get to library weekly now to check out videos so I have something to do while riding!

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