Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Training Log; 6-mi tempo

6-mi tempo run:
  • 2 miles easy warmup: 16:30
  • 2 miles at 7:35: 7:54 and 7:33. I'm quite sure my mile markers are off (my GPS wasn't working, and I was hoping to rely on it), but after the first mile I decided I was still running too slowly so I had to pick up the pace. Obviously I did!
  • 2 miles easy cooldown: 16:41
  • Total time (10K): 48:39
I can't get mapmyrun, mapmyride, or googlemaps to open (slow internet connection), but according to Microsoft Streets and Trips, the supposed 2 miles in the middle was actually 2.2, which means I definitely averaged 7:35. Plus it was a real tempo run, since I picked up the pace for the second mile.

After running I really wanted to swim, but since I'd forgotten my lunch at home I hadn't eaten nearly enough during the day and definitely needed to go home for supper (stomach cramps slowed me down to a walk during my cooldown and I still hit a sub-50-min 10K). Then I hit the trainer for an hour ride, which felt really good. I unfortunately won't be able to get outside riding as much as I'd like to be since it's getting so dark so early, and I guess I'll have to either ride outside in the morning before work or get used to riding the trainer.

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