Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Training Log; 3x30sec heavy ISOs

For some reason, I've always thought I liked being along. But I'm realizing that, sometimes, I really like having a friend around. Have I mentioned that I miss having someone to work out with? People always wonder what I'm doing when I go to the Y. I'd rather work out with Will than have to explain to others what I'm doing while I'm working out. Some things are just hard to explain while you're trying to concentrate!

Today was 3 x 30 second heavy ISOs--basically as much weight as I could handle. I looked at what I had done previously and either maintained or added weight as I could.
  • Lunge R & L: heavy bar + 15lb on each side (5lb more each side from last time). I can definitely tell I'm getting stronger. Either that or I can just tolerate more discomfort. Doing this one at the Y is really good, because it's pretty evident if I start leaning--the bar either starts to drop to one side or it hits the walls of the little cage I feel like I'm in. Plus I'm in front of the mirror and can make sure I'm staying straight.
  • Glute Ham: no weight, but I could tell a difference on this one, too. I was trying not to use my lower back, and it felt much better just using glutes and hamstrings. I like feeling like I'm getting stronger (and know based on last week's race results that I'm getting faster, which I like too).
  • 1-leg squat: 25-lb plate. I still have the hardest time with this one; I just don't feel like I'm doing it right, even when I can see whether I'm leaning or standing straight or have my knee pointed in or anything like that. It's supposed to feel like a lunge with the back half cut off, but I never feel like I'm using my front leg, even when I focus on pushing into the ground with that front foot.
  • Standing Ham: 45-lb weight. This one always feels the best. I can feel my hamstrings stretching!
  • Wall squat: 22.5-lb dumbbells. I know that my legs can tolerate more weight, but I just can't always hold it (especially when I know I have to do arms afterward). Someone was distracting me during this exercise; that was not welcome, but I was nice enough. He reminded me, though, that a lot of these exercises are just mental battles. I know I can do it!
  • Dip: no weight. I'm still not brave enough to try this with weight (plus there's only one weight belt at the Y and it's usually being used). Not that it's easy without weight, anyways. But I never had to take any weight off my lowering my foot. In fact, I didn't even set up my safety net; I knew I could do it!
  • Curl: 40-lb bar. I never know which curl to do, so this was standing, with a bar, holding it at my hips, lengthening through the biceps. Since I didn't really had to lift it up (like EDIs), I probably could have done 50lb.
  • Push up: no weight. I had to do the last 3 at home and didn't even think of going down to the workout room until it was too late.
  • Scap pull up: no weight. Really tried to focus on using my lats. I can now feel the difference.
  • Crate crunch: 8-lb weight. Last week Will was surprised when I said I used a trash can; he thought I would crush it. Hah! He should see me use my cardboard box. But I was really trying to squeeze hard enough to crush it (failed), especially since I was only using a little weight.
1-h ride on the trainer; at 40 min, 5 x 1 min all out intervals with 1 min rest interval between each one. I really like those intervals because it gets me out of the saddle for a few minutes. I'm pretty sure I'm incorrectly fit on my bike, and I should probably take it in to the shop to get that fixed. I feel like my seat is really far back and my legs are too straight when I'm all the way down at the bottom of my pedal stroke.

Also, for something new and exciting, I took some jewelry to work and let the other ladies at the office look at it. To me it looks like costume jewelry. It's not all extravagant, but all the pieces are very unique. They wear that kind of jewelry, so I thought they'd like it. Renee is selling it for a friend to raise money for some work that the friend is doing in China. They bought a couple pieces, which I was happy about. Then I had baked some chocolate chip cookies, which I shared (actually gave away, since I didn't want to have them around the house!). Renee's description, and then some pictures of the jewelry:
This unique jewelry is designed by my friend who is living in China. The proceeds go toward furthering the work she and her husband are doing there. Many pieces are one of a kind and include black pearls, jade, onyx, tiger eye, quartz, crystal, amethyst, and turquoise. Items are reasonably priced ($6-$35) and great for Holiday gift giving. There is a wide selection of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

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