Saturday, July 4, 2009

5K Race Success

This morning was the Maryland Farms Firecracker 5K, and my goal was to run it in 21:59. I had previously run this in 23:49 (2007) and 23:29 (2008), and I had previously run my fastest 5K (Hoover Run, 2008) in 22:30. The truth is that I didn't think I'd make it, especially on this course, but that's what I was aiming for.

I rode a good 1:20 on the trainer prior to the race, and a good 40 minutes immediately after the race.

Then I jumped on the start line at 6:55, just in time for the National Anthem.

My view of the start line from my bike

The real beginning...Cadillac and all!
  • Mile 1: Slightly more downhill than uphill, but not flat. 7:00. 1.01 miles, 6:55 pace.

    Wait, is that a not-so-heel strike with my right foot? A step in the right direction!

  • Mile 2: Rolling hills (rolling hills are definitely different for running than riding). 7:14. 1.02 miles, 7:04 pace.
  • Mile 3+: at least 0.25 miles are uphill (I measured on my bike last week) and there's not much relief from downhills. 7:55. 1.10 miles, 7:12 pace.

    So focused

  • Finish: 22:10. 11 seconds behind my goal. However, it was a PR by 20 seconds and a course best for me by 1:19!
I finished 3 of 50+ in my age group and 18 of 350+ females and 140 of 950+ finishers. Hooray!
Stats from the previous Firecracker 5Ks:
  • 2007: 23:49. 8 of 51. 276/1228 overall.
  • 2008: 23:29. 6 of 51. 231/1105 overall.
I went over to Farkases' for dinner of chicken and corn, and then we hung out there to watch the neighbors light fireworks and to have some fun with sparklers.

Lauren with her dueling sparklers

Luke trying to duel with Lauren...who wasn't enjoying it!

I'm not quite sure what Luke was doing here...

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