Sunday, September 25, 2011

Busy Day

This morning, I got to sleep in before riding with Val, Anna M, Kat, and Jay. We made up the route as we were riding, made two stops, and generally just enjoyed the sunshine. It was great to be outside, and I really like my new bike! After a short chat with Anna, I headed to the Farkases’ to watch the Titans win and complete a few projects (for me on my computer and for ARenee with some craft stuff). Then it was off to softball. We played two games tonight and won them both, even though we were shorthanded. It’s a co-ed league, and sadly I think I got four balls hit out to me in center field, Sam and Ryan got one each in right field, and Jimmie got two in left field all afternoon—which means they either didn’t hit the ball out of the infield or didn’t hit the ball at all (the latter was mostly the case). We won by over 20 runs in both games, and we got so bored in the outfield that we started playing on the line for both girls and guys just so that we’d have to chase down the ball if it got hit any farther than 200ft (it didn’t). We did make the pitcher mad, though, because he wanted to pitch a shutout and didn’t want us to have fun.

Stats from the ride:

  • 31.89 miles, 2:01:35, 15.7 mph (44.5 max), 115 HR (170 max), 2592’ ascent, 2281’ descent
  • Climb up Lynnwood West to East: 1.17 miles, 7:14 (a new record), 9.7 mph

September 24, 2011. Lynnwood climb: 7:14, 1.17 miles, 9.7 mph, 104 HR (can't be right)
July 25, 2011. Lynnwood climb: 7:40, 1.17 miles, 9.1 mph, 173 HR
April 6, 2011. Lynnwood climb: 7:51, 1.16 mi, 8.9 avg, 173 HR
March 3, 2011. Lynnwood climb: 8:23

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