Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Today’s workout was a great one. I haven’t been the best at working at 100% because I know how much it takes out of me, but I also haven’t seen the physical benefits that I’d see if I’d be working at 100%. So today I decided to work harder than I had been, and it was a good decision. Today’s workout was 10-6-3 EDI, two sets: lunge with RL, squat with stick, GHR to arm’s length, curl (18), bench (45), plate front delt (10), and crunch. I had help on the manual hold for the curl, and I know I work harder when someone is expecting me to. Brett from Inversion was there, so he made me work hard and then we had a short conversation about life and push ups.

Monday’s workout was 10-10-10 EDI (only because I didn’t get to it last week; lunge, wall squat, GHR, curl (18), wall push up, crunch). Tuesday I took a ride (18.62 miles, 1:08, 16.4 mph (45.1 max), 149 HR (177 max), 1425’ ascent, 1314’ descent; 8:10 up Lynnwood Way, 8.8 mph, 146 HR). I need to make this part of my Wednesday hilly ride when I start that back up again. Sadly it didn’t work out today, but I’m anticipating climbing Lynnwood every week and hopefully getting better and better and climbing (which hopefully will also make me a better all-around cyclist).

Training my weaknesses,

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