Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Blue!

Today was an easy run/easy ride kind of day. Getting outside twice is always a good day, so I’ll take the easy day. Plus I got a ride on my new bike! I sold the Trek and replaced it with a Blue, which is named BB. Here he is:

I went out at lunch to the DHY and headed for the trail. I wanted to be in the sun as much as I could, so I went down the road toward the city property and turned the opposite direction of where I’d gone last time I went back there exploring. I like the other direction better because it’s longer, but this was perfect for the time I had today. Short and sweet, and faster mile times today than Sunday. Success!

  • Totals: 2.0 miles, 15:24, 7:42 pace, 167 HR (181 max), 235’ ascent, 256’ descent
  • Mile 1: 7:41, 164 HR
  • Mile 2: 7:42, 170 HR

After working in the afternoon, I headed out to Cool Springs to pick up and adjust the bike. That didn’t leave me with much daylight, and I had to stop mid-ride to readjust, but it was so nice to get out on two wheels—I have not ridden since the Clarksville metric century, 9 days.

  • Totals: 8.52 miles, 29:56, 17.1 mph (32.7 max), 149 HR (178 max), 598’ ascent, 909’ descent

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