Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Rides

I did get outside this weekend to ride and play some softball. It was beautiful and I enjoyed it. Though you can tell by the stats below that I was not on my best game. I am so over being sick!

Friday: 1:59, 33.35 mi, 16.8 avg (36.9 max), 1,965 cal, 159 HR (177 max)
Saturday: 1:23, 22.5 mi, 16.2 avg (30.1 max), 1,296 cal, 146 HR (172 max)
Sunday: 1:20, 19.15 mi, 14.9 avg (27.7 max), 1,298 cal, 147 HR (171 max)

Sunday we rode as a team and did some drills and skills—my favorite! We warmed up for about 45, then did 20 minutes of a crit simulation/cornering, and 15 minutes of cooldown. City riding is always fun and exciting.

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