Sunday, March 13, 2011

Team B This Weekend

We had a couple different things going on this weekend, and that made for a fun weekend. Friday I rode solo and it was nice to get outside. It was a little chilly, but everything but my feet stayed warm.

Then I got a new phone and played with it all afternoon. Saturday was way nicer, up to 70*, and though I wanted to ride with some of my teammates, they were all riding earlier when it was not going to be as warm. I had to run a few errands and decided to actually run them, so I ran a good 5 mi and then cooled down. This was a good route, and since I am not running more than twice a week, it felt great to do a slightly longer run than what I can do at lunch.

For my ride, I waited until after noon and headed out solo again. I lasted 1:57 in a 13–15-mph wind and did the following route:

My initial plan had been to add another shorter loop, but after having dealt with the wind for so long already, I'd had enough.

After church, we all headed to RB's Cyclery in Franklin, which Jay, Kat's husband, opened recently. They had dinner brought in, a few people brought desserts, and we hung out and shopped. It was fantastic!

Sunday morning I did 3 minutes extreme slow (push up, push up, lunge R, lunge L, curl w/10lb dumbbells, curl w/10lb dumbbells, and standing ham. Then, in the afternoon, Team B headed to the stadium, out to Shelby Park, and back to the stadium to practice starts, pace lining, and cornering. If I mapped it out it would look like a crit, so I won't. But we rode 18 miles, most fast but some slow, and all did so much better today than a couple weeks ago. The more we ride together, the better we get, and I am looking forward to racing with these strong women!

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