Monday, March 14, 2011

Altitude Drops

Today's workout was a good one. Somehow I managed to pull a series of workouts that mostly all include altitude drops, which make me feel like I'm working hard and fast. Thus I like them. So it's been fun to head to the Y lately. Today I did 24 minutes on the step mill early, and then 100 altitude drop bench (30lb), lunge R, lunge L, standing curl (10ish-lb), and standing ham. I know that what's coming this week in terms of riding at Endeavor is going to be brutal, so I opted for standing ham rather than glute ham. I don't think I'll regret it.

Unfortunately I am not feeling well and anticipate sleeping very poorly tonight. We'll see whether I get up to go ride in the morning or whether I wait until the afternoon to get the workout in.

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