Monday, October 18, 2010


Tigger, the dog I'm currently taking care of, left me an unpleasant surprise when I returned today. He's OK being on his own, but he's certainly not used to it being for 11+ hours. I sent him outside and cleaned up, and now I'm hoping I don't come back to the same mess tomorrow. I could never have a dog if I had to take care of it on my own--I'm just not around enough to give an animal any attention. He can survive one more day, I think. I just hope I don't have to clean up after him again tomorrow. He'll be thrilled when the rest of the family returns.

I took a lunchtime run today (5K), and I hope to run again this afternoon if it stays nice. My legs aren't feeling too tired which is good, and keeping up 2 runs per day 3 days per week is definitely doable for the next 3 weeks while I prepare for the Ragnar Relay. However, I can't wait for another good workout from Will; I haven't done any in two weeks now and my hip flexors are feeling it! Hopefully he gives me something that will make me fast and help me recover well, too. I'd been hoping to get in an afternoon run, but Tigger and I walked a mile and that was it.

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