Saturday, October 2, 2010


My ride today started out semi amusing: I left the house and got 0.5 miles away before I realized I didn't have my helmet on. Yikes. I immediately turned around to get it. I was glad I realized it then and not farther away!

The first mark is the start. The second (person waving) is where I saw Luke and Morgan. The third (lap) is the start of my climb up Lynwood Way (starting at the 3 signs before South Berrys Chapel, 1.1 miles, from 730 feet to 1060 feet), and fourth (lap) is the road where I split (it's not quite the top but there's not much more climbing to do and it's a good landmark), and the fourth (lap) is the bottom of the hill (I got up to 43 descending, but I had to use the breaks quite a bit because there were lots of cars; thankfully the guy behind me gave me plenty of room and stayed behind me).

I ended up not racing this morning. I felt OK when I woke up, but I just wanted a day to not have to run and to spend some time on my bike. So that's what I did, and my calves are much happier to have ridden than run.

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