Thursday, July 4, 2013

Firecracker 5K

Start line...rain, rain, rain!

Today was the annual July 4th Andrews Cadillac Firecracker 5K in Maryland Farms. It is one of my favorite races because it is practically in my backyard--it starts at the MFY and goes on roads I ride or run on quite frequently, so I know the course well.

It was raining this morning, but that didn't stop over 700 participants from running. After last night's race and because of my lack of running lately, I was hoping for around 24 minutes and somewhere in the top half of my age group. When I looked at the results I was completely surprised: 23:26 and 4th of 55 in my AG! I definitely started out fast and slowed down slightly, but I think if I'd have started at the pace I ended at I wouldn't have ended any faster, so faster at the start is better for me! As soon as I finished, I walked 2 minutes and then did the entire course again, adding a few miles at the end to complete 7 miles in just under an hour. Still have a little work to do with speed and endurance, but it was a good run and I really enjoyed it!

Oh, boy!

Pictures are from here. I got tons of comments about my socks (red and white striped tall compression ones) and the flowered lei I was wearing. This picture is from about 10 seconds after the start. I was thinking, What is this camera person doing in the middle of the road?!? He's going to get run over! Maybe I should have been enjoying the race like the lady next to me was.

It was about 68* and raining the entire race, and the temperature was perfect.

Garmin Stats: 3.14 miles, 23:22, 7:27 pace. Mile 1: 7:07; Mile 2: 7:27; Mile 3: 7:50; Mile 3.14: 00:57
Rest of run stats: 4.09 miles, 26:00, 8:48 pace. Mi 1: 9:03; Mi 2: 8:10; Mi 3: 8:45; Mi 4: 9:14; Mi 4.09: 00:47
(I walked through a water stop at Mi 3 and up a hill at Mi 4.)

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