Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weekend Rides

Little Blue wanted to stop and make a friend

Thanks to a significant amount of rain this weekend, I didn't get as many miles a as I was hoping to. I still got 112, to, and that was my main goal. Thursday I did the Firecracker 5K and then added 5 more miles.

Friday I met Kat and Amanda for 36 miles after I'd done 26 by myself. My first 26 miles were mostly dry but it was drizzling someso not completely dry. Our group ride, however, was quite wet. We pretty much got poured on for half the ride. On the plus side, it was warm and very pleasant.

It continued to rain. Saturday I spent a few hours at the Cool Springs Y on the step mill and the True elliptical machine. 45 minutes on each equals about 4.5 miles plus 8 miles. After getting a new phone and playing in it some, it was off to church for children's church. All us leaders were there and we had 9 kids, so as CC goes, it was actually pretty easy and fun (even tho we couldn't go outside because of the rain.

Sunday I got up early to go to church. Helping out Saturday nights means I can't go to the service; and I like to go back on Sunday mornings if I can. Then I headed out for a solo 50-mile ride around Brentwood and Nolensville. It was absolutely beautiful, so much so that I didn't mind being alone. Also that means 112 miles for the weekend and good Ironman miles!

I plan my routes around bubblers and right-hand turns

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