Sunday, July 21, 2013

MOAB State Criterium

Shannon, Cali, me, Kiki, Kat, and Catherine

Today was another good day for Team B! Kiki won her race to become the TN Cat 4 champ. Our race had 11 of us: me, Kat, Jes, and Catherine were the 4 Cat 1/2s; Cali, Kathy, Jess, Martha, Shannon, Leah, and Marsha were the Cat 4s. We all raced together, but it was essentially two races.

Kat, Cali, and Kiki -- jersey winners!

In the first few laps there were a few attacks but none stuck. At one point Shannon and Jes and I were of the front and I thought it could stick. However, we got caught but Cali countered immediately and at the perfect time. Kathy went with her as did Jes and me. This was the break that would stick. Catherine and Kat bridged up to us, and the six of us remained together for the rest of the race. Belladiun did a lot of work (our four to SVMIC's two meant wet had to), and we also communicated really well.

When it came down to the last lap, SVMIC was on the front and we let them stay there until Catherine started the leadout. We knew we wanted Cali to beat Kathy and anything among us 1/2s was fair game. I went around Cath pretty early because I wanted to keep the gap she'd created to Jes. I went into leadout mode and almost started letting up just after the final corner. But both Cali and Kat yelled at me to keep going and I did. It hurt! Kat came around me but forced me into one of the hardest sprints yet. She won by about 5 inches and Cali came in 3rd -- Another podium sweep for Team Belladium!

Stats: 47:37, ~17.6 miles, ~23mph (approximate stats because I forgot to press the lap button), 2 of 11 overall, 1 of 4 Cat 1/2s

Silver medal...woot!

Cat 1/2 podium -- me, Kath and Jes

Cat 3 podium -- Kathy, Cali, and Jess

Cat 4 podium -- Kristi, Kiki, and Rachel

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