Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Long Swim

One of my goals this year was to swim 3000m per month. Today I hit that goal for the first time this year. My closest was June when I did 2700. Today I had to do 700 to make the goal. I did 700 and then kept going for 2300 total, which doubled this month's total. Woot! Hopefully my arms work tomorrow. After I finished I went down the two slides at the Y and then joined the family for dinner. Despite the rain (or maybe because of it) there was a beautiful sunset. God truly does hold the whole world in His hands!

Sunset from Farmington
Maryland Farms nice outdoor 50-meter pool
The longer the pool, the longer I'll swim!
Deals at Kroger

*Edited to change the size of the pictures. Still trying to figure out this whole blogging-from-the-phone thing.

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