Saturday, July 13, 2013

Spontaneous Team Ride

Val and I randomly (or not so randomly) met up with Parri, Amanda,  Cali, and some Treehouse guys on our ride today! We swam early and then hit the road on our bikes. Just before we got to Beech Creek Road, we saw Belladium kits and turned around. We joined the crew for the end of their ride and then continued ours.

Parri, Val, me, Cali, and AJ

Saturday's route...lots of backtracking and repeating,
and actually quite a bit shorter than I'd hoped for

Later in the afternoon I went to church and then stayed after for a picnic that was a thank you for the Saturday night volunteers. They had pizza, salad, and Sno-Balls for us. Yum!

*Edited to include pictures, which were supposed to have been there in the first place. Still trying to figure out the whole blogging-from-the-smart-phone thing.

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