Sunday, December 18, 2011

State Cyclocross Race

Caleb, my sweet nephew

Evidently I take lots of pictures of food. Here's the weekend recap:

Carving my first turkey

Friday: Baked a turkey, my first one. It turned out very dry because I put it in the oven and left to run errands. Also I'm pretty sure I didn't take everything out of it that I was supposed to have, and I definitely didn't stuff it. But it tastes OK. I trained at the CSY, 3×30sec heavy.

Saturday: I slept in (sweet!), made pancakes, rode 1:30 on the trainer while watching Psych, cleaned and did laundry, and didn't leave the house until 3:30 to do a few things, went to church, and swam.

Yummy pancakes with applesauce from ARenee and bananas

Pizza and bread sticks—weekend meals don't get much better than this!

Sunday: After a 3-mile run on a tready at the MFY, I went out to Gallatin to watch Anna, Cali, Lee, Jeremy, and David race in the state cyclocross race. It was a beautiful day, everyone did well, and I enjoyed the time outside.

Kathy (left) and Lee (behind her)
Photo credit

Anna managing the barriers
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Then Valerie and I went riding. Although it was sunny and beautiful, it was cold. I was wearing ear muffs, lobster claw gloves, cold-gear Under Armour (thank you, Anna!), fleece Belladium jersey, Belladium vest, fleece tights, Belladium bib shorts, wool socks, tall socks, shoes, booties, and two hand warmers in my shorts. I warmed enough to take the gloves off a few times, but I ended up with them back on by the time we finished (35 miles and 1800' of climbing later!). Valerie picked the route, and I had never been on any of the roads before. We had very little traffic and little excitement, except for having to stop for a big truck backing an even bigger 5th-wheel camper into a driveway. I went home, wished I could have napped, but made some pizza and bread sticks instead so I'll have food to eat this week.

I will feel like Santa in a week—this is all going with me to my sister's!

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