Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas is Coming!

Franklin's Dickens of a Christmas festival

My attempt at snow, with limited frosting

It's pretty safe to say that there are tons of people more creative than I!

My few Christmas decorations
After replacing my car battery, which had to be done, I got to do a few fun Christmas things. I helped a sweet grandma named Tammy wrap presents for her 3 grandchildren and loved being able to talk to her and get to know her. I also put up a few Christmas lights and my tiny tree in my apartment and then decorated rice krispie houses. I was limited with frosting and decorations, so I did the best with what I had. I also spent some time downtown and the Dickens of a Christmas festival and enjoyed the Irish dancing. Finally (in terms of Christmas stuff, that is), Aunt Renee and I wrapped presents, Lauren made fudge, and I made cookies while we all watched football. It was a fun weekend.

Finally, I did a little bit of hard work, too. I rode at Todd's on Friday and then walked outside a little later in the day. Saturday, Val, Shelly, and I went to John's spin class at the BFY for an hour, and then Val and I ran for 30 min because we could not get comfortable on the spin bikes. In the evening, I did 5 minutes of work push up, curl, and standing ham (only those three because I wasn't really planning to do this workout but wanted to do something, and those were the ones I chose). Sunday, I swam a mile at the MFY. This is the longest I've swam in months, and it felt so good. Hopefully I'll say the same thing tomorrow!

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