Wednesday, December 7, 2011

77 Laps

That's how many I ran today around the MFY track. It's a little track, encompassing one tennis court, and 14 laps is 1 mile.

  • 6:54 Miles 0–1
  • 6:54 Miles1.01 –2
  • 7:09 Miles 2.01–3
  • 0:50 Miles 3.01–3.1 (or so—2 laps)
  • 5:00 rest Miles 3.11–3.5
  • 3:35 Miles 3.51–4
  • 7:13 Miles 4.01–5
  • 3:25 cooldown
  • 40:00 total timed, then I walked enough laps to finish 5.5 miles
  • 77 laps is a lot to keep track of

I hadn't planned to run around the track, but I didn't want to run on the treadmill, either. The track was mostly open, enough so that I could run the first mile the wrong direction, so I decided to hit it. Mile 3.1 (or so) came in 22:00, which is really good for me (and it included 13 seconds of walking after Mile 3 where I decided whether to finish the 5K). I was glad I kept going, because I felt great the entire time! Evidently I do well a day after riding hard at Todd's and doing 5 minutes of work. Note to self.

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