Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekend Recap

I can't seem to make the time to write daily during the weekend, so the days get lumped into one post. Saturday was the Music City Marathon (which I watched), a ride with Valerie, 6-6-6 EDI (lunge, glute ham, squat, bench [20-lb dumbbells], curl [rebound reps], and plate front delt [10-lb dumbbell]), and church. Sunday was a team recon ride of the state TT course and the start of my May challenge (memorizing as much of Romans as I can in the next 30 days).

 Start of the half and full marathon (picture from The Tennessean)

Half and full marathon runners downtown (picture from The Tennessean)

  • Saturday with Valerie: 2:12:22, 37.55 miles, 17.0 avg (33.4 max), 150 HR (188 max)

After watching the half marathon and the marathon's winner, I met Valerie at MFY for a good ride. Thankfully we rode into the wind first and got to relax just slightly on the way back in.

Route from Saturday's ride

  • Sunday with Team B: 1:14:00, 24.47 miles, 19.8 avg (35.1 max), 165 HR (189 max)

We rode what is going to be the state TT course, not at 100% but not at an easy pace, either. It will be fun to race this route, though. It's pretty open, so you can see how far ahead of you the next person is and try to catch them. Also, the road has a very wide shoulder and only a short section of rumble strips. Should be fun!

Route of anticipated state TT course

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