Thursday, May 26, 2011

Late Ride

Val and I got a late start on our ride tonight, which also meant that we missed Kat on the road somehow. We got to an intersection and had to decide which way we thought Kat had ridden, and I made the wrong decision. Our ride was a little slow because we were looking for her the entire time and just kind of chilling, but it was very pleasant. Also, there were 3 sprint signs, so we did a little work! One was hidden and we didn't know it was coming up; two were at the top of the same hill (one in either direction). Val got the first because she happened to be leading, I got the first hill one, Valerie got the second (pretty much dominated up the hill the whole time). Thus she got the win for the ride (not that we were racing...).

This weekend is the State TT, and Todd hooked me up with some sweet wheels. My bike hardly looks like my own, and it is so light! That means I will be so fast tomorrow—can't wait!

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