Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dropped Chain

Today during the Harpeth Club's Cool Springs ride, I dropped my chain at the most inopportune time. Not that there's ever a good time to drop it, but today I was with the big group, about 10 riders back from the front, and just starting up the big hill. I tried to switch to the small chain ring, and there when the chain. I know and was thinking, "Shift and pedal; shift and pedal!" Usually that works to get the chain back on, but there were too many people behind me that if I got my chain caught and couldn't pedal, I'd cause a pile-up. So, I pedaled (to no avail but I didn't want anyone to know my chain was off) until I got to a driveway where I could stop, out of the way. I got my chain back on, but the group had left me in the dust. I ended up with 2 guys, we caught who we could and ended up as a group of 5, and finished pretty strong. I was hoping to have been with the group but didn't want to work too hard. It was fun regardless.

Here are stats from the ride. 5-17-11; 5-24-11:

  • Totals:
    1:45:00, 34.75 mi, 19.9 mph, 159 HR
    1:49:55, 34.47 mi, 18.8 avg (37.9 max), 159 HR (198 max)
  • Warm up:
    21:32, 6.12 mi, 17 mph, 140 HR
    22:51, 5.84 mi, 15.3 avg, 131 HR
  • Rollout:
    8:52, 2.35 mi, 15.9 avg, 134 HR
  • Ride:
    1:08:54, 24.64 mi, 21.5 mph, 167 HR
    1:03:30, 22.36 mi, 21.1 avg, 175 HR
  • Cool down:
    14:30, 3.9 mi, 17.5 mph, 160 HR
    14:42, 3.91 mi, 16 avg, 155 HR

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