Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Graduated!

No, I'm not in school (unless you count Financial Peace University). I graduated to level 13 on the step mill! I had been at level 12 for quite a while, and today I decided to bump it up to 13 for the 25-minute workout. Pretty soon I'll be up to level 14, then 20 in no time. The step mill is a great alternative to riding since I'm not running.

Even though it was cold, the sun stayed out so I rode with the Harpeth Bike Club tonight. However, I arrived at 6:01 and missed the group. Thankfully, two guys, Mark and Scott, had missed the start too but still wanted to ride, so I at least had a little company. We made the most of it and caught up to the 4 riders we saw, averaging 19mph with just the two of us fighting the wind (windy, but not as bad as when we raced this weekend).

The lap markers (which you can hardly see and which for some reason don't show up in the elevation profile) south of mile 5 are where the group ride starts and ends. I rode from and to home to get in a longer ride (the group ride is about 21 miles).

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