Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bench Press

I went to the DHY at lunch to go on the step mill, but all 3 of those machines were taken. I hadn't looked at any workouts before leaving and didn't have my notebook with me so didn't really have a plan B in place, but I couldn't be there and not do anything. So, after 2 minutes on the treadmill while I considered my options. I ended up on a bench, doing only bench press, but at least I did something. 30 seconds (counting, because I didn't even have my watch with me!) extreme slow, followed by 15 altitude drop reps, repeated 3 or 4 times, with 45 pounds. It was hard and I'm sure I'll feel it tomorrow, but at least I did something!

Since I really wanted some quality step mill time (this is my simulated physical and mental crit practice), I stopped at the MFY on my way home for 31 minutes at level 13 (yes, I'm strange that way) of random play. I have to build up to 60 minutes for some of my races, so I'm working my way up in time.

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