Monday, March 12, 2012

Outside Run

I had to run outside today--it was absolutely gorgeous. I might regret it tomorrow, but it felt so good to get outside today! I ran from the MFY and did the 6-mile loop in 47:18. Considering I last ran outside on February 27 (5 mi, 40 min) and all my other runs have been on the step mill, I am very happy with the 7:53 pace today (179 bpm, 6:40 best)! I figure the step mill pushes me hard and challenges me, but the pace there is probably about 9- or 10-minute miles, so I really never know what the runs are going to look like. I try to not look at my watch while I run, I just run as fast as I think I can for the amount of time I'll be out (and then try to push myself a little harder if possible). So going sub-8 makes me happy.

Mile 1: 7:47 (169 bpm)
Mile 2: 7:38 (173 bpm)
Mile 3: 7:59 (181 bpm)
Mile 4: 7:54 (181 bpm)
Mile 5: 8:03 (184 bpm)
Mile 6: 7:54 (188 bpm)

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