Friday, March 16, 2012

"Is There a Doctor in the House?"

Farmington...Farkases' neighborhood

Today I got to go to Lauren's Grassland Middle School play, where they performed "Is There a Doctor in the House?" Lauren was one of the candy stripers and had lines in every scene. She did well, as did everyone in the cast, and it was entertaining.

Lauren and Katie, the candy stripers

I got in a good workout on the stepmill, 1:15, and an easy 1:15 ride. I love that it is so beautiful outside. I also made a quick stop at Publix (2 dozen eggs, 5 20-oz sodas, almond milk, 3 Larabars, Luna Bar, 2 Clif Bar boxes, and 6 Smart Start veggies). It should've been about $42, but thanks to sales and coupons, it cost me $14 (76% savings). And the Clif bars, Larabars, and Luna bar, which will last me a while, by themselves would have cost $15.

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