Tuesday, March 6, 2012

CompuTrainer Class: Force and Power III

As part of the second week of the force and power series, today called for something completely different than last week: sprints today vs. hills last week.

No HR data today. I charged my Garmin Sunday until it said BATTERY CHARGING COMPLETE, I turned it on today, and the battery died. I did record the times on my watch, so at least today and Thursday will line up.


  • 1:40 total ride
  • 10-minute warm up for the trainer
  • 10-minute warm up
  • 10-minute tempo; 3-min rest
  • 10-minute tempo; sprint to 580W; 4-min rest
  • Sprint to 62xW; 4-min rest
  • Sprint to 641W; 4-min rest
  • Sprint to 664W; 5-min rest
  • 1-min hill; 2-min rest
  • 2-min hill; 2-min rest
  • 1-min hill; 7-min rest
  • 10-minute tempo; sprint to 6xxW (less than 664); 4-min rest
  • Sprint to 665W; 4-min rest
  • Sprint to 666W; 4-min rest
  • Sprint to 686W; 4-min rest
  • 2-min hill; 1-min cool down

Except for the 5th sprint, I increased my watts for each one (and I'm guessing I was close if not to 664 on that 5th one). I am getting closer to 700 and maybe will hit it on Thursday!

During work, I did 10x30sec curl and front delt, then I took a nice walk at lunch, exploring the newly paved sidewalk and mulched (well, chipped) path across the street.

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