Monday, March 5, 2012

Making it Work

Playing with my food (dessert) at work

Although I wrote down my workouts for the day and looked at the list to make sure I was getting everything done, I wouldn't necessarily say I accomplished everything on the list. Oh, I did the work, I just did it my way. See, here's what I was supposed to do and what I actually did:

Swim 12×200@20sec rest
with warm up and cool down
Swam 4×200@20sec and cooled
down with 200 back/kick
3×30sec heavy/weightsBody Pump at MFY
Run 1 hour1 hour on the step mill—two
30-minute sets on "random play"

So I did swim, but my only option right now is to swim at lunch. It's not that pools aren't open at other times or there aren't other pools besides the DHY, it's that I'd prefer to swim with only a few other people in the pool rather than 30 kids on a swim team and 14 other people in my lane. Therefore, I swim at lunch in the time I have, and I usually can't get in more than 1,500 depending on the workout and whether I wear flippers.

And I did weights, it just wasn't the isometric workout where I lift/hold as much as I can for 30 seconds; instead, it was body pump which still challenges me but is with a group of people and thus more motivating. Definitely still wish sometimes that Will was here to train me.

I pretty much am not running so that I can be a better cyclist, so I've been spending a lot of my required run time on the step mill. And I realized last week that if I break it up into 30-minute segments, the workout is much more random and challenging. I did get a "warm up" twice, but I didn't do the cool down on either 30-minute segment, and I definitely worked hard the entire time.

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