Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kroger Shop

Publix is definitely my grocery store of choice, but sometimes I head over to Kroger to see what kind of deals and manager's specials I can find. Today was a pretty good day. I got what they called a weekend platter that had 16 servings of roast beef and cheese tortillas, 10 PowerBar products (2 Energy Blasts, 3 bars, and 5 gels), and a 4-pack of individual-serving applesauce. Here's the cost breakdown:

Item (Quantity)  
Regular Price 
Sale Price  
Final Price  
Tortilla sandwiches14.997.49--$7.49
$0.50/1 MQ
PowerBar bars (3)1.79
PowerBar Energy
Blasts (2)
$1/5 MQ
(applied to
bars also)
PowerBar Gels (5)1.89
$1/5 MQ$4.00
Totals: 12 items35.88--3.00 in Qs+$1.82 tax
$18.80 total
(saved $17.08/

I also did 5 minutes of work this morning and then rode over Lynwood. It took me 6:22 to get up the first side (east to west) and 7:00 to get up the other side (west to east). Back in February I times the east-to-west side and it took me 8:20. This was maybe 1/10 of a mile longer and was mile 39 of of a 42-mile ride, but today's climb was way faster! I also did the same route on Monday and Tuesday and both sides today were about 15-20 seconds faster than those days. I am trying to make myself into a climber :-)

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