Saturday, July 7, 2012


This morning I got up early and rode the GSD ride that starts from the Franklin 5 Points Starbucks and goes who knows where. I turned off where I needed to in order to keep my ride under 80 miles (that's just too far when it's 75* by 7am and the humidity is at 85%). I got on the back of the Ragle train (Steven and AJ) on Franklin Road before we even go to Starbucks and it was fast, so I know it was going to be a good ride. Here's the course:

I missed about 3 miles (the rollout from Starbucks to the corner of Horton/Carters Creek), so here are the stats I have: 2:03:51, 40.85 miles, 19.8 mph, 153 bpm. The time I was with the entire group/smaller group was 1:05:00 for 25 miles, and we averaged 23.3 mph. It felt good to ride that fast and not have to work super hard (though I was working hard!)

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