Thursday, April 12, 2012

CompuTrainer Class: Muscular Endurance IV (Max Sprint Watts)

Today's workout was the same as last Tuesday's. a surprise. Initially I wasn't going to write a blog (because I have to post-date it and it won't get read), but I hit my max sprint watts today so I have to record it.We did five 1-min high-cadence efforts, 1 tempo effort (25 min), 2 threshold efforts (10 min each), and a sprint (to 714 watts, better than the 712 I hit on 3-20-12).

Red line: ignore
Orange line: sprint

I asked Todd about the "sweet spot" he had noted on the class description, and he said it's where you get the most benefit from the training. Since I had a different attitude than Tuesday, I did tons better physically.

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