Friday, November 1, 2013

Some of the Week in Review

Good mail day, thanks to Michelle from
I Heart Saving Money and Kohl's!

Monday was a rest day and I walked a few miles. Tuesday I lifted weights at lunch and then rode home. On my way, I rode up to Radnor Lake and then stopped in some intersection to pick up 75 of these:


Wednesday I rode in to work and then hiked 5 miles with Kat at Radnor Lake:

A nice lady took our picture

Thursday I went on the step mill instead of running because it was raining and super windy. I wanted to make it 60 minutes (I did) at a level between 6-8 (I started at 6). I always put it on random play, and it varied, starting at level 6 and making it to level 13 somewhere in there. My goal was to stay aerobic the entire time and use it in place of an easy run. Besides that I wanted to lower the workload the final 6 minutes (I didn't), it was a great workout and I finished up with 61 push ups. Friday I started the morning with 3-minute extreme slow isos.

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