Saturday, November 23, 2013

Pink Cookware

This week has been pretty busy. We've had lots to do at work, and I had a practice 5K to run for Girls on the Run. Add in my normal training, running around with my cousin, and life in general, and I needed the 10 hours of sleep I got on Friday night!

This was the last time I'd be able to shop for stuff included in the Pink Cookware rebate, so I took advantage of another great week of sales at Publix. You get to see what I bought :-)

11-22-13 Publix Trip

Publix Trip (11-22)
Item (Quantity)  
Regular Price 
Sale Price  
Final Price  
Barilla sauce (2)2.59
2 x $0.55/1 MQ$1.49
Publix oats3.49----$3.49
Duncan Hines
cake mix (2)
2 x $1.00/1 MQ$0.89
Puffs tissues (3)*1.50
--$0.25/3 MQ
Sargento cheese
$0.40/1 MQ
Haggen Daaz
ice cream pint
7.99--$1.00/1 MQ$6.99
Cover Girl lip gloss*4.99--$1.00/1 MQ$3.99
Duracell batteries*2.49
--2 x $1.00/1 PQ$2.98
Bird's Eye
veggies (2)
2 x $0.55/1 MQ$1.09
Freshmate wipes*2.69--Free wyb TP MQ
BFAST shakes
2 x $1.00/1 MQ$2.00
Charmin TP*9.796.99$0.25/1 MQ
Publix eggs2.00--Free wyb 2
Sargento PQ
Totals: 22 items$76.82$55.64$4.00 in PQs
$12.69 in MQs
***$5 in Kroger Qs
+$4.19 tax
$37.39 total
(saved $39.43,
or 51%)

Since I had to buy $30 worth of product to qualify for the rebate*, I'd say this was a pretty good result. Also I'm pretty sure my math is off, and I'm not sure if I included all the Qs. I didn't mark up my receipt right away and can't remember now what goes with what.

* Qualify for the Proctor and Gamble Pink Cookware rebate
** The top of my receipt shows three Qs I think came from my Publix card: 0.25/Charmin, 1.00/Pasta, and 0.50/Duracell. This would contribute to some of my math issue in the table above.
*** This was a competitor's (Kroger's) Q for $5 off when you spend $50.

Workouts for the week

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: cardio/iso workout in the morning, isos in the evening
Wednesday: isos in the morning, run in the evening (7mi)
Thursday: isos in the morning, GOTR run (with my girl Anslee) in the afternoon (6mi total with warmup and cooldown from Radnor Lake parking area)
Friday: isos in the morning, too many push ups to count in the afternoon
Saturday: 11-mile run (1:34:10) in the morning

My goal this off-season/pre-season is the get stronger, so I've been spending more time in the gym and less time outside. When it's 40* outside, I don't mind being inside. When it's 60* outside, I'd much rather be out running or riding!

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