Monday, August 5, 2013

NC.Com Crit #9 and I AM Criterium

Sunday Podium

I have been too busy to keep up with daily blogs, and now I hardly have enough time to recap the weekend’s races much less the rest of the week! But I’ll do what I can with the time I have!

After Saturday’s hard race, I took Sunday off and got back to training Monday. I did a few workouts, rode some, and mainly planned for my epic run on Friday: 18.5 miles in to work. I had been thinking about this for at least 3 weeks and knew that regardless, I was going to make it happen. Whether I felt good, ran slow, didn’t want to start, didn’t want to finish, I had to do it. It helped that I had a destination. Thursday night I rode home from work and left two water bottles, one at mile 12 and another at mile 6. Both stops were within a quarter mile of gas stations, though, so I knew that if I needed more or someone had taken my bottles, I’d be set.

I left the house at 4:50am with my bright Ragnar-approved flashing-light vest and headlamp, all my stuff (keys, ID, cash, phone) I’d packed the night before and attached to my race belt, and fuel (shot blocks, Gu, Larabar, and luna bar). I knew the Luna bar would be extra and only if I needed it, and I didn’t. I did eat the others, though—Gu at mile 6, Larabar between miles 9 and 10, and shot blocks every few minutes between miles 14 and 18. I also drank all my water and Gatorade but didn’t have too much to eat or drink (nor too little). I was pleased that I planned that so well. I also made it the 18.5 miles in 2:44 (~8:55), honestly nearly 20 minutes quicker than I’d expected. That even included frequent walks (uphill) during the final 4 miles.

The one thing I failed on, however, was remembering my car keys. Thursday I left my car at work with the expectation that I would run in on Friday morning and drive home on Friday afternoon. Somehow, though, I left my car key at home and thus my only way back home was to run. Or rely on a friend. I chose the latter :-) Anna S came and picked me up so we could hang out for the afternoon, and then I rode my bike back to work to get my car. The spin back actually felt good, and I needed it for Saturday and Sunday!

Saturday, Cali and Shannon were racing downtown at noon, so I went there to cheer them on and watch them go 1-2 in their race. AJ, Kat, Cath, and I were racing at 5, and I stuck around until our race. We lined up with Jes, Liz, Tricia, Pam, and Nichole; small field, but some of the strongest 1/2s around. I was hoping more would show up (there was a huge payout), but we still had a good race. AJ and Liz ended up off the front and the non-Team-Bd ladies couldn’t catch them, and the Team Bd ladies sat in for the sprint for 3rd (I won it with a little help from Kat). Kat was 5th, Catherine was 7th, and we were all a little happy having earned some money. Cath and I went for ice cream after and then I came home and crashed; I think I was in the most pain I’ve ever been in before a race and took an entire hour’s warmup (I usually get in about 5 minutes because that’s all I need). Plus we had to race again on Sunday!

Saturday. Top left: podium; Right: team
Bottom left: AJ and Liz; Right: Field sprint
(Don took the bottom two pics)

AJ, Cali, Kat, Shannon, and I lined up with only Jes and Kathy for our race Sunday. This was the last of our series. I won the race, Kat was 2nd, and AJ-Cali-Shannon were 3-4-5. Fun to take the top 5, but we would have liked to have had a bigger field as well. Then we hung around for hamburgers and awards. It was a beautiful day, and I got my tiara back (from AJ, a worth competitor and good friend).

Sunday. Top left: AJ and me; Right: off the front
Middle: sprint with Kat
Bottom left: getting my crown; Right: race podium
Bottom left and middle pics are from Time

Run Stats: 02:35:43, 17.42 miles, 8:56 pace, 2800’ ascent, 2172’ descent
(including a 0.4-mile walk to the dumpster to take out my trash)
Run Stats: 00:09:10, 0.92 miles, 9:50 pace, 86’ ascent, 179’ descent
(I thought I’d walk the final mile but was still feeling good)
I AM Racing Crit Stats: 49:06, 19.33 miles, 23.6 mph, 624’ ascent, 626’ descent, 1/9 Cat 1/2

Race #9, 8-04-13: 41:30, 15.7 miles, ~22.5 mph, 1/7 Cat 1/2/3
Race #8, 7-24-13: 29:29, 11.38 miles, 23.1 mph, 180 bpm, 3/21 and 3/5 Cat 1/2s
Race #7, 7-20-13: 49:57, 18.92 miles, 22.2 mph, 182 bpm, 1/12 and 1/5 Cat 2s
Race #6, 7-03-13: 31:05, 11.98 miles, 23.1 mph, 184 bpm, 1/18 and 1/5 Cat 2s
Race #5, 6-26-13: 29:26, 10.92 miles, 22.3 mph, 183 bpm, 6/23 and 4/5 Cat 2s
Race #4, 6-19-13: 29:48, 11.89 miles, 23.9 mph, 186 bpm, 5/19 and 3/4 Cat 2s
Race #3, 6-12-13: 28:48, 10.73 miles, 22.3 mph, 189 bpm, 2/18 and 1/3 Cat 2s
Race #2, 5-29-13: 30:39, 11.31 miles, 22.1 mph, 2/18 and 2/4 Cat 2s
Race #1, 5-22-13: 35:36, 12.88 miles, 21.7 mph, 4/14 and 2/3 Cat 2s (incorrect time and mileage)

What I work on and eat on my rest days
That and hike (Monday at Radnor)

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