Friday, August 23, 2013


It's not even 7am and I already have 3 good people stories to tell!

  1. The MFY has at least 300 lockers, and they are spread out in at least 4 different areas of the large-ish locker room. At 5am, there are on average 4 people in the locker room. This morning was no different. As I was standing at my locker, a lady opened a door and put her stuff in a locker THREE DOORS DOWN! I like my space. 
  2. On my way to work, I cross railroad tracks. I've only seen a train there once, and I've seen the gates down (with no train) another time. This morning, I saw the gates come down and immediately heard the train horn. So naturally I stopped. The next person to the crossing didn't even slow down before going through a small opening between the gates. Why???
  3. Walking into the office building, I ran into a few ladies who work on another floor and we were chatting. One asked me whether I'd ridden my bike. I laughed and said I'd driven. The laugh was on account of the fact that I was carrying A) my packed full (with expansion in use) lunch box, B) my laptop/notebook in another bag, C) a grocery bag packed with food (including 6-8 bottles [read: 8 pounds] of water, and D) my purse.
The more aware of people I become, the more fun I have :-)

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