Sunday, August 11, 2013

Weekend Miles

Here are a few (possibly poor-quality) pictures from my weekend. Total mileage: 163 on the bike and 4 running.

Friday I worked from home and went on three different rides. The first was 21.5 miles and early. However, I ran into Catherine on the road so I had some company! I rode again after work (17 miles) while Aunt Renee swam. We finished at the same time and went for a 2-mile ride (I wanted a short brick workout and had swam 4.5K Wednesday/Thursday and didn't feel like adding any more meters so I rode).

Then we went to eat at Mellow Mushroom. I had been craving good pizza and she and Lauren indulged me :)

Since I'm doing an Ironman in two weeks, I decided it was probably time to get on a TT bike. Cath let me borrow hers, and after I adjusted it slightly, I hit the road for another 28.5 miles.

Saturday I had teacher orientation/training for Children's Church, so Catherine and I rode another 35 before 8am to bring my total to 100...yay! Then I spent the rest of the day at the pool napping!

Sunday I rode the TT bike another 25 miles before meeting my teammates for another 36. As soon as we finished and changed into running clothes, Val and I went for a 2-mile run and then sat in the creek for the perfect ice bath.

I am pretty much spent right now and looking forward to a rest day tomorrow!

Two bikes in my not-so-little LEAF!
Post-ride salad
Three months and I just spent my 20th Dollar on fuel!

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