Thursday, January 30, 2014

Last Week's Shopping Trip

I entered this contest on Facebook...please vote for me! If you're on Facebook, you can vote. Top three vote-getters win an Ironman entry, and I would LOVE to win. It's all about who is motivating me. For this contest, I said my dad. He did his first Ironman in his 50s. And it wasn't just any Ironman--it was the Ironman World Championships in Kona! I want the chance to follow in his footsteps :-)

Here's the link: Ironman Contest. With 10 more votes I'll be in the top 10. With 30 I'll be in the top 5. I'd have to say my pic is one of my faves, too!

Please vote! Now for the shopping trip...

I am way behind on blogging. And shopping. And blogging about my shopping (my last blog about a grocery store trip was November 22, and that's possibly the last time I was in the grocery store besides to get the staples like milk, oats, and eggs). So here's one of my recent trips (Sunday, January 26, or the day I should have been riding my bike and wasn't).

Publix Trip (1-26)

Item (Quantity)  
Regular Price 
Sale Price  
Final Price  
Quaker Oats (4)2.49
Prego sauce (4)2.09
2 x $0.75/2 MQs$2.68
Sargento Cheese
$0.40/2 MQ
Skippy PB (2)3.59
$0.75/2 MQ$4.25
Publix olive oil4.29----$4.29
Eat Smart veggies (4)$2.50
Morton salt0.69----$0.69
Publix applesauce2.59----$2.59
Kraft BBQ sauce$1.95--Free WYB 2
Johnsonvvlle PQ
Extra gum$1.09----$1.09
Publix mop cloths3.79----$3.79
Apples (1.81 lb)1.79/lb
Bananas (1.89 lb)0.59/lb
Larabar bars (2)1.33
$0.75/2 MQ$1.25
Santitas chips$2.00----$2.00
Johnsonville sausage
$1/2 MQ$5.00
Kerry Gold
garlic butter
Publix eggs$2.09----$2.09
Blue Diamond
almond milk
$2.89--$1.00 PQ$1.89
Ortega taco
seasoning (2)
$0.50/2 MQ
Totals: 37 items$94.92$67.47$2.95 in PQs
$5.80 in MQs
*+$0.50 (doubled)
that I can't remember
to what it belongs
+4.74 tax
$62.46 total
(saved 32.46,
or 34%)

Now that you've read about my shopping trip, you can vote for me! Click Here.

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