Wednesday, August 17, 2011

NC.Com Crit #12

Me, Jess, Cali, Shelly, Paula (Heather, Kathy)

The course was different for today's race, and it was not all well and good for me. There was some good, though, and that comes first:

  • Cali, Shelly, Jonell, and I were all out there, so Team Bd was well represented. Good thing, too, because we had Amanda, Marsha, Emily, and Chrysa of Cumberland Transit and Jessica and Kathy of SVMIC to race against (as well as 3 lone women: Paula of Vantaggio, Tammy of MOAB, and Heather).
  • The weather was beautiful
  • Cali finished 2nd and did awesome.
  • I finished.

And now, for the not so good.

  • Time changed up the course, so we had a 180* turn before an uphill finishing straight.
  • I hit the ground on the 2nd lap. Ouch.
  • My chain fell off when I fell, and it took a while to get it back on (though maybe this was a good thing, because I missed at least 2 laps).
  • I finished 7th, well off the lead group (but at least I got to watch them finish and didn't get lapped).

Stats: 7.6 mi, 24:05, 18.9 mph (31.5 max), 164 HR, 303' ascent, 313' descent

It looks like my max speed was just before I went down, and I went down in the 180* turn. The course was very short, and I rode pretty slow comparatively. I did 16 or 17 laps.

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