Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Heat of the Day

It's hot. Like triple-digits hot. There's no way to avoid the heat, but I hate being inside all the time. It's also way too hot to run, but Anna and I tried anyway. We ran 3 loops around Granny White Park and then walked another few, enjoying the sun (but not killing ourselves) and talking.

This says that one loops is 0.8 miles, but my Garmin seemed to show it more like 0.6 miles. I'm not sure which is right, but I know we did 5 miles. The last time around was not a full loop (we went only to the first baseball diamond and then turned back), and we must have done 6, 7, or 8 loops. That I'll be able to see on the Garmin when I have time to look. It felt like more than 6, but maybe that was just the heat.

No other real workouts today, but I did swim at lunch yesterday, which I forgot to mention then.

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