Sunday, May 18, 2008

Kids at a Pool Party

Kids are fascinating. Boys, girls, all ages, I love them. And I want a few of my own some day. IN God's timing. I've already written about that a lot, but most of the time I don't post it.

Yesterday we had a pool party at our apartment complex; I attended so I could do some people-watching and reading. Maybe a hundred or so people showed up, they had a DJ and music going on, they fed us food, and they organized a few games. One game in particular caused me to take note of the kids and how God has created them and each of us.

The Raft Pull was two inner tubes on ropes on the same side of the pool as the kids.The rope on the other side needed to be pulled by one volunteer (we are in the Volunteer State, after all) for each team.They called for volunteers, and I considered helping out but decided it would be more fun to watch instead. Actually, my second thought was, "Some kids' dads should definitely get out there and pull."

There was silence for the first few seconds, and then the kids all started calling for their dads to come over and help out. One did. The second volunteer ended up being the complex's office manager.

But the visible elation on the faces of the kids whose dad helped out, and the dejection on the faces of the kids whose dads didn't, was something to behold. Kids need their parents: need them to listen, to participate, to enjoy the things they're enjoying, to love them, to hold them, to provide for them.

I recently heard about a study some people performed on infants. Mothers, whose babies were near them, held either dolls or other people's babies and loved on them. Their own babies became jealous.

(Incomplete; I'm not sure where I was going to go with this, since I'm recording it 7 months later.)

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