Thursday, August 28, 2008

Coaching Wants and Personal Goals

What I want from a coach:
  • Someone who knows what he's doing
  • Someone who knows how to motivate
  • Someone who has a good rapport among other athletes
  • Someone with whom I get along
  • Someone who does what he tells me to do
  • Someone who knows how to help me improve
  • Someone who has the drive to succeed
  • Someone who serves Christ
  • Someone who is in the shape I want to be in
  • Olympic triathlete: 2016
  • - Olympic distance
  • - Draft legal
  • - Check times from 2008
  • Ironman Kona qualifier: ASAP
  • - Iron distance
  • - Check times: between 10h and 11:30
My strengths as an athlete:
  • sprinter
  • can maintain same pace
  • self-motivated
  • desire to succeed
  • drive to win
My weaknesses as an athlete:
  • Not fast at endurance distance
  • Not fast-paced in general
  • Probably heavier (and with a different body type) than most other athletes
  • (All the above CAN be overcome!)
My needs--how I should be improving:
  • Increase speed on run
  • Climb hills better on bike (don't get dropped)
  • Swim faster (if I'm not out of the water with the lead group, I won't ever catch up, especially in draft-legal races)

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