Monday, April 14, 2014

Team Camp - Sewanee and Chattanooga

Fun times atop Signal Mountain
Last weekend Team Belladium headed south east to Chattanooga for a long weekend of riding.

Team picture! Amanda, Cali, Alicia, Parri, me, Shelly, Kim
Shannon, Catherine, Katherine, Emily, Valerie, and Anna
Friday we stopped in Sewanee to climb Monteagle and ride for a little while. Then we at dinner in Chatty at The Terminal and stayed for the weekend at The Crash Pad. We pretty much took over the kitchen and entire lower level, but it worked out perfectly for us. Friday's ride on Strava is here. The Monteagle climb is about 3.6 miles.

Friday afternoon in Sewanee before the ride

Sometime Saturday...

Saturday morning after a good breakfast (though not enough!), we headed out again, this time to climb Suck Creek Mountain and Signal Mountain. The morning ride on Strava ride is here. The Suck Creek climb is about 5.5 miles, and the Signal Mountain climb is about 6 miles.

Saturday afternoon before the ride
After our 60-mile morning ride, we chilled for a while, ate a lot of food, and then headed back out to play. The afternoon ride was much easier...the roads were all pretty flat and we weren't pushing ourselves very hard, but we did some teamwork drills and sprinted for the state line sign. I got it on the way out and completely forgot out it on the way it (so Todd got it). Stats from the ride on Strava are here.

Climbing Suck Creek Mountain...I was the first
to reach Todd (because I had a 5-min head start!)
Saturday night was pizza dinner and chilling outside during the AMAZING night. Perfect temps, perfect company, great food, all around good!

Enjoying the beautiful night on Saturday
Kim, Kat, Cath, and me
Sunday morning we got up and rode over to Lookout Mountain, climbing up via Scenic Highway. I'd ridden down that way a few times, but I don't think I'd ridden up that way. It was easier than the Ochs Highway climb, but it was in no way easy. Stats from the ride on Strava are here. The climb is about 2.9 miles.
Climbing again...seems like all we did all weekend!

Alicia and I were feeling like triathletes

Riding on Lookout Mountain on Sunday
Heading up Lookout Mountain on Sunday

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Anonymous said...

I've driven up/down Signal Mtn. Tight turning switchbacks and fog everywhere ! - Ladi Dadi