Sunday, December 29, 2013

In Photos

This was part of my Christmas
Allentown airport. My sis wouldn't let me take my nephew :-(
New bag from Mom fit all my Christmas gifts!
Family workout time. Baby jumping, toddler bouncing,
Mom and Dad skipping, Aunt taking pictures
Lehigh Valley on a sunny day. This is not normal and I loved it.
Another photo of this part of the valley
My nephew loved this tow truck gift. I think it's
because it didn't require tracks in order to roll on carpet.
It's a stocking. That means feet go in it!
Big has some growing to do to
fit into this handmade one.
Grandpa and toddler cutting a birthday cake
for Jesus on Christmas Eve
Ugly sweater / outfit. You can't see my socks or designs
on the sweater, but it's OK, I wasn't the winner
Toddler and baby by the tree
New Christmas ornament!
Chilling with both kiddos

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