Thursday, November 22, 2007

Jacob and Esau: A Quick Study

  • Joseph was born circa 1914 BC.
  • Reuben (Leah's son) was 7 years old, had seven brothers, and Jacob had been married to Rachel for 6 years when Leah sold mandrakes to Rachel to lay with Leah.
  • Esau and Jacob were born circa 2005 BC.
  • When Isaac blessed Jacob, he was 137 and Jacob & Esau were 77.
  • Isaac lived another 43 years (he died at 180).
  • Jacob worked for Laban 20 years—7 for Rachel but got Leah, 7 for Rachel again, and 6 for the flocks.
  • Joseph was 30 when he stood before Pharaoh.
  • Joseph saw his father (Jacob) after the 7 years of plenty and 2 years of famine.
  • Jacob was sent away to Laban around 1928 BC.
Although Jacob and Esau never really got along, you would think that they would have learned to get along. Amazingly, at age 77, Jacob tricked Isaac to receive Esau's blessing from Isaac, they fought, Esau threatened to kill Jacob, and Jacob ran away to his uncle. Grow up, "kids!" Work it out like gentlemen!

Oh, and at 77, Jacob let his mother convince him to deceive his father? Yikes!

Jacob got the blessing and rejoiced (albeit quickly). Esau did not receive the same blessing as Jacob and he whined. He was 77!

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