Monday, December 9, 2013

Pictures from the Past Few Weeks

Put up my few Christmas things:
a nice nativity and a little tree

Wrapped Christmas to send them!

Did the Girls on the Run 5K with Anslee (and her dad Chris) in
25* temps; Anslee was awesome, and we finished in 35:15.

Shopped; apparently "snap-on pants" are the alternative (thanks to
a tweet reply from Kohl's when I asked what other kind of pants there are)

Nissan (where I charge) had a HUGE pile of donated toys

I like to be seen when I run -- if you're looking for a good
vest, I'd highly recommend this lighted, reflective one.

Hot chocolate; I don't know how people can
regularly spend as much on coffee as these drinks cost!

Thanksgiving with my nephew and niece

Getting the Christmas tree with the fam

Pond across from my office (where I walk)
and our office building's entrance
I was hoping to do the Honolulu Marathon (virtually), but it wasn't happening. My stomach was not happy, and I struggled to complete 10 miles on the treadmill and 5 on the elliptical. Ouch. I guess I can try again next weekend.

The Girls on the Run race was one of the only Christmas-related things that happened in Nashville this past weekend, because we were supposed to get lots of ice (didn't) and the Christmas parade, 5K, and tree lighting didn't happen or happened with no fanfare. Franklin's went on, but they were Saturday rather than Friday. It was freezing (25*), and it was the first time my girl Anslee had run in temps that cold. She was a champion despite new feelings she'd never had before. Side cramps were familiar (though not welcome), and I tried from the beginning to encourage her to breathe at least one deep breath every few tenths of a mile. Ice blocks for feet was a very unfamiliar feeling, yet she pressed on. I wish I would have thought to inform her (without scaring her) about those feelings and the fact that extreme temps make it harder to compete and perform. She was hoping we'd finish under 30 minutes like we did a few weeks ago, but her 35:15 was a fantastic time, and she was in the top 20 of at least 100 girls. She cried after...but she earned it! She put everything she had into that race. I was proud of her!

I spend Thanksgiving with the fam and had a blast. My nephew is starting to talk a lot and wants to play even more, and the weekend flew by.

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